my name is Andreas and I am located in Berlin, Germany.
I finished my studies in computer science in 2013.
Since 2005 I’ve done a lot of webdeveloping with PHP, HTML & CSS. As a freelancer I’ve worked for worldwide companies as well as smaller companies and private customers.
I also worked as a software developer for two years, with the focus on
developing webapplications, hybrid apps and REST-APIs  with Java and GWT. I am also experienced in database engineering.

Currently I work as a consultant in Identity Management primarily specialising in Dell One Identity Manager at igf-logic.

In 2007 I became part of the webSPELL development team.

In my time as a student some guys from the university created a video in which myself and my former lecturer Siamak Haschemi (CEO of qyotta) were interviewed. You may find this video (in German language) on YouTube.